Melting away..

25 06 2008

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update so it doesn’t seem like I’ve died and fell off the blogging world forever! I’ve been so busy the past couple of days with packing to move, studying, work and all that fun stuff.. so I wasn’t able to really concentrate on the blog 😦 

Well, the bf and I are finally here in Houston! I totally underestimated the heat and let’s just say that I am NOT going to be wearing any of the 4 pairs of jeans/pants that I packed!! The air is really humid so coming from Vancouver, I feel like I’m officially in a rainforest. But the first two days I’m here, I just have to get exam/school/banking/paper work errands dealt with. Then it’s shopping, shopping.. and more shopping!! Hopefully we’ll also be going to Galveston next week :D! Oh and while the bf is here, we’re going to be putting him to work, helping me paint my new room yellow and putting together all of my IKEA furniture 😉 

I’ll be sure to take a bazillion pictures, so just be prepared for a gigantic post!

Bye for now 😀