Unlimited quinoa anyone?

14 06 2008

Sorry for the once again delayed post.. Got in pretty late last night and just wanted to hit the hay asap!

The same breakfast that you’ll see until the cereal box is empty.. Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Fiber One, sliced banana, strawberries, and raisins. I am not even close¬†to being sick of this stuff yet! ūüėõ

Pre-gym snack was a mini cinnamon-raisin homemade bagel with some PB! Got some upper body + cardio done within an hour.

Went to the mall (yeah, I know..) again to return the sandals I bought from Old Navy the other day that turned out to be a tad too big. But JUST as I’m walking out the door, I see Costa Blanca with 50% off sale signs everywhere. So you know what that means ūüėÄ Came out with a summer-y dress¬†& yellow flats. I finally got around to using up the store credit I had soo.. the best part was that I spent $0 WOOHOO!¬†

I STILL had some leftover cooked quinoa that I¬†prepared the other day.. seems like I have a bottomless pit of this stuff!! Surprise, surprise what was for lunch! Whipped up Orange Tofu Quinoa.. words can’t describe how perfect this dish was! I loved how the orange flavor totally popped out.

Posted this up in the Recipes section.. you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Then I saw the last piece of Upside Down Apple Pie in the fridge.. I wasn’t dying for a piece, but I just ate it anyways just because it was there ūüėõ Haha, not really a good reason but I couldn’t let it go to waste ūüėČ

Lunch kept me full for a while, so dinner was a small bowl of mainly the veggies from the Orange Tofu Quinoa and shared half a mango with the bf.

Then I get a call to go to this Italian restaraunt, Anducci’s, for my friend’s last minute birthday dinner. Even though I had JUST finished eating, I got a small appy of Wok Chili Squid. No camera, so unfortunately.. no picture! But the description was.. “Tender pieces of squid sauteed in a sizzling wok with fresh garlic, crushed chilis, lime and bruschetta salsa.” So try to¬†picture THAT! It wasn’t greasy at all, so A+ in my book! I also had a Strawberry Daquiri that I drank a leeetle too quickly, so I left feeling a tad light-headed. Can we say.. lightweight?!

When I got home, the bf made a concoction involving some Breyers FF Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream + Organic Chocolate Graham Bears..

=¬†this! Topped off with a couple white chocolate chunks.. HEAVEN I tell¬†ya! ¬†I totally didn’t need this either, but I blame my lack of control¬†on the alcohol ūüėõ

As for today, I had a pretty productive morning already. Picked up my paycheque, went to the bank, went for a¬†nice hour long jog, and did laundry! WHEW. Now I’m off to study¬†some math for the THEA¬†and¬†do some at-home lower body workouts.

Happy weekend :D! 



I need to be put in retail rehab..

13 06 2008

Woke up excited for my Straw-nana cereal bowl again ūüėÄ Am I the only one that wakes up with food¬†as the first thing¬†in mind?! We’re out of multigrain flakes so filled this up with half Fiber One and half Kashi GoLean Crunch.

So I went¬†to the mall¬†with the intention of just¬†paying my cell phone bill, not stopping any¬†where else, no shopping,¬†end of story.¬†Well obviously.. that didn’t happen ūüėõ I decided I needed to get a new bag (as if I don’t already¬†have 10 million other ones stuffed away in my closet) to use as a light carry-on for the plane.

I’ve been lusting over this Vera Bradley¬†tote for a while but they don’t ship to Canada ūüė¶ BOOO!¬†So I was on a mission to find a similar cotton bag.. First picked up this one from Off the Wall on sale for $10! Down side¬†is that it doesn’t have¬†any shoulder straps or zippers. But with my will power.. I can never pass up a sale!

Ended up kicking myself later as I found the perfect bag at Winners. Too bad the one I just bought was a final sale.¬†Don’t you hate it when that happens??

Then I stopped by Old Navy to check out their new stuff.. dangerous, I tell ya.¬†I left with¬†2 gladiator sandals in black & brown (couldn’t make up my mind!) and a bikini top on sale.

Okay.. I’m officially promising myself.. NO MORE SHOPPING until I go to Houston. I can last two more weeks, I think..

Mid-morning snack was a homemade cinnamon-raisin bagel with PB&B, green tea, all along with an Advil because I was feeling those “womanly cramps” errr!

I fell asleep by accident while watching tv but luckily I woke up just in time to eat a quick lunch before heading off to work!

Had the last of the leftover Chicken & Tomato Quinoa, a small piece of porkchop, and some sliced cucumber with soy-ginger dressing to dip.

Enjoyed about half a cup of some Chapman’s Maple Walnut Frozen Yogurt because it just felt like one of those days that I had to treat myself! ūüôā This has GOT to be the best flavor ever created..

I also had a mango later on in the day but forgot to snap a picture. Oh well, you guys will be seeing tons of them anyways¬†we have¬†a whole caseload at the house¬†(which I’m predicting is not going to last very long..)

The bf’s¬†mom made spaghetti for dinner but I wasn’t in a very pasta-y mood so I just had the spaghetti sauce over quinoa. Quinoa is so good with everything! I still have quite a bit leftover so I might try it out as something sweet for breakfast. Had a corn on the cob on the side as well as some random apple slices that I didn’t end up finishing.


I’m off to go study some math for the THEA test that I have to take when I get to Houston. Way to wreck the anticipation for a vacation huh?

See you all tomorrow :)!  

Computers don’t like me

7 06 2008

Yep another late post since we got home at 6 in the morning from last night’s shenanigans..

Yesterday’s breakfast was what I like to call my new oatmeal.. a mixed bowl of Nature’s Path Raisin Bran, Fiber First, Kashi Go Lean Crunch topped with raisins but sans bananas!

Had one of the last Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bars left.. I swear a whole box doesn’t even last us a week!

Lunch was the last whole wheat bagel from the batch I made a couple days ago. It got a little dense.. but still good! Stuffed this tiny one with almond butter & bananas.

And here are my last food pictures since my computer was not on my side this morning! I accidentally deleted some pictures that I haven’t uploaded yet,¬† so I go back to the Recycling Bin thinking I can still retrieve them since I didn’t empty the bin yet, but to my HORROR.. they were all gone!

Since when does the Recycling Bin empty all by itself?! It needs permission to do that!! I swear this laptop as a mind of¬†its own.. I’m probably getting a¬†Macbook soon when the new school¬†semester starts, so hopefully my tech stress will go away forever ūüė¶

Anyways, I found some spring roll wrappers so I made 3 different healthy versions: Sweet Potato, Grilled Carrot & Apple Spring Rolls. I say they’re healthy because I baked them in the oven and it’s traditionally deep fried in a¬†huge batch of oil.. boo to grease!

I never really measure anything, so the measurements aren’t anywhere close to being exact.. but here’s a rough outline of what I did:

Sweet Potato Filling:

  1. Peel and boil 3 medium sweet potatoes (amount depending on how much filling you want to make) until tender. 
  2. Mash with fork and add 1/4 cup chopped green onions, 4tbsp chile powder, salt & pepper, 1 minced garlic clove, 2 tbsp nf plain yogurt.
  3. Bake finished spring rolls (seam side down) in a 420 degree oven for 8 mins per side or until golden brown.

Obviously for the Apple & Grilled Carrot fillings, I thinly sliced them. You can also sprinkle a little sugar and cinnamon on top of the apples before rolling them.

There are so many ways to roll these babies up, here’s one:

Wet all edges of the wrapper with water. Place filling on the bottom corner and fold over.

Fold in the left & right sides, leaving a “point” at the top.

Roll up to the top and press edges together to ensure its sealed & VOILA!

Now this is when I would’ve put pictures of the finished spring rolls.. but apparantly my computer likes to makes its own decisions without my approval, so I’ll leave you to imagine them looking all pretty.

This ended up making about 50 spring rolls and I ate a couple of them dipped in salsa and nf plain yogurt! Sooo good. I’m really disappointed that I don’t¬†have a picture to show you how DEEEELICIOUS they looked! I’m really not lying ūüėČ ¬†

I also went to the mall again yesterday (I have no idea why I keep setting myself up for disaster!) and picked up 2 jean shorts and a pair of grey heels from Old Navy.

CUTE! Them actually being comfortable is an added bonus!

The second dangerous place for me.. Shoppers. Everytime I go in there, a sale always gets to me leaving me to justify my purchases with.. “because they were on sale”. Boots No7 Primer (I get oily in the T-zone area so this stuff saves me from lookin like a little greaseball), Revlon Nail Polishes in Berries In the Snow & Perfect Pink.

We had Homemade Hot Pot again at one of my girlfriend’s houses last night while watching Knocked Up (my fifth time.. but I still laugh uncontrollably as if it were my first!) No picture ūüė¶ but my plate was constantly filled with Chicken & Veggie Dumplings, baby corn, mushrooms, and broccoli!

Afterwards I met the bf up at a bonfire he was at with friends, and let’s just say that it’s 12 in the afternoon right now and he’s still passed out sleeping.

Make your weekends worth it, everybody!

Motor mouth

3 06 2008

Yes there is MORE I had last night after my snack overload! My stomach was feeling pretty empty, so I had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (I squeezed those babies myself!) but ended up drinking just half of my hard-squeezing work! Followed by a teeny-tiny portion of Asian meatball stirfry with mushrooms & snap peas. Aaand FINALLY my tummy was satisfied!


This morning I obviously had cereal since we have a pantry full of cereal to last us for years! You can’t really see everything I put in here, but my cereal bowl was a mish-mash¬† of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran, Fiber First, about 2 tbsp worth of Kashi Go Lean Crunch then topped with more raisins & cinnamon! YUM.. why choose one when you can have all of them?!

Then I was off to the gym for a satisfying hour-long workout! My in-car-post-workout-munchies were some leftover organic unsweetened banana chips & raisins! I’m obsessed with these little dehydrated yumminess!


So my intentions were to go to the mall and return¬†a shirt from H&M but ended up coming out with 5x more stuff! Oh well, everything was a pretty good deal.. floral babydoll top, bow-tie tank, tank dress, 2 basic tanks (2 for $10!) Oh yes, I’m a happy camper shopper! ūüėÄ

Lunch was a find-whatever-in-the-fridge-and-plate-it kind of meal today. Tuna Salad (made with nf plain yogurt, relish, tsp of mayo & pepper), Pita chips made from 1/2 a pita, Cucumber slices dipped in soy-ginger dressing.

Plus had some mini Corn on the Cobs! Could anyone live on corn like me?!

 Made another Baked Apple Crisp but only ended up finishing half of this since lunch filled me up nicely!

When I got off from work I was close to starving but dinner wasn’t ready yet, so I had 1/2 of a Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar to tide me over.. but hungry me ended up eating the other half ūüėõ

Dinner was kind of on the bland side (Shh.. don’t tell the bf’s mother!!). Slow-cooked chicken breast¬†& green beans sauteed in soy sauce. Had the smallest portion I could get away with (without being rude!) but I really just wanted a bowl of cereal for dinner haha

& a Pear with some Raisin Bran Cereal closes the day!

22 days until vacation time!! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

Oh and the bf won extra points today surprising me with 2 dozen roses for no reason! ūüôā Too bad they don’t like all that great when I transferred them to a vase.. I cut random stems&leaves, placed it in anywhere.. yeah, I wouldn’t be the crappiest florist ūüėõ

Is it vacation time yet?

27 05 2008

Today was one of those Mondays when you wish it wasn’t a Monday and instead it’s a hot Saturday afternoon.. and you’re on the beach.. in Hawaii ūüôā

Snapped myself back to reality with¬†my comforting bowl of¬†oatmeal made with banana, flax and raisins! It’s been one of my intentions forever to buy a can of pumpkin to¬†mix in¬†with my morning oats. But again, I’m the queen of putting things off =/

After cleaning/getting some laundry done, I had the urge to go shopping so off to the mall I went ūüôā Made a quick stop at Old Navy since they’re having an awesome sale right now. Picked up a $3.99 skirt, $5.99 knit crochet dress, & a $16.99 jersey dress!¬†Satisfied my shopping craving.. and all for less than 30 dollars! Oh yes I am the queen of bargains ūüėČ

Didn’t have much in the fridge (again), so lunch was simple but still yummy. Stir-fried some¬†zucchini, red&yellow bell peppers, 3 egg whites with spices¬†& teriyaki sauce, threw them in some lettuce leaves, sprinkled some roasted almond slivers on top and voila.. Asian Lettuce Wraps!

Found a corn on the cob hiding in the back of the fridge, so I boiled that up and it was soo perfectly sweet!

Since veggies wrapped in veggies doesn’t exactly fill the boyfriend up.. I made him a quick chicken chow mein. I didn’t have any of this but it looks pretty tasty in the picture!

For dessert I ripped off a tiny corner of this pb & banana & applesauce sandwich. This combo makes my mouth drooool as I speak! (Err.. type?)

I didn’t even realize all of today’s meals had an Asian theme going on until now, but dinner kept it steady! Sweet & Sour Chicken on a bed of Bean Sprouts! Basically baked small patties of extra-lean ground chicken, sauteed the cooked patties with some onions, bell peppers and sweet&sour sauce and served it over plain bean sprouts!

Dessert (what’s a meal without a sweet ending?) was baked apple with raisins, nf plain yogurt, cinnamon and walnuts. MmMm this is so apple pie.. just without the crust!

We survived Monday everyone, WOOHOO!

Closet full of yoga wear

23 05 2008

Today was deja vu from last Thursday! Went down to Kitsilano again bright and early for the yoga wear warehouse sale. The sale is ending next weekend so I decided I better stock up since their clothes are really well made (very similar to Lululemon, I think) but the prices are seriously dirt cheap.

Another recycled picture.. for breakfast had my usual oatmeal with flax, cinnamon, raisins, bananas but ate it along this time with a spoonful of natural pb and a couple walnuts. The combination of flax + oats + nuts kept my hunger away for a really long time! 

My yoga haul¬†for the day! 1 pair of capris & yoga pants, 3 pairs of shorts, t-shirt, and 2 more sports bras. You can never have enough sports bras! I think I’m GOOD with workout gear for a while..¬†

Had a juicy pear when I got back. 

The bf & I ate at the best Japanese¬†restaurant¬†ever¬†not too long ago, Akashi. I got the Salmon BBQ salad which basically was greens with a miso dressing and salmon cooked medium rare fanned on top. I crave for it all the time but since the restaurant is a little on the pricey side and with 2 broke college students, let’s say my cravings can’t be satisfied all of the time ūüė¶¬†

Sooo I decided to make my own version..¬†Mandarin Salmon Salad!¬†I posted it up in the “Recipes” page and it was suuuper easy to make.

Best. Salad. Ever. If I say so myself ūüėČ

My quick snack of walnuts & raisins before heading off to work! 

Lunch filled a huge salad bowl, so I had a small bit of that for dinner along with another small pear and a Manila mango. One of the things I loved about the Philippines when I went to go visit were all of the mango trees. When they were ripe, mangoes would just drop from the sky and everyone would just pick them up from the ground and take them home. Raining mangoes = my dream come true. 

I could literally live on tropical fruits for the rest of my life! 

Fridays I have early shifts, so I’m going to force myself to wake up early so I can squeeze in a good workout at the gym before I take on a looong day at work. ¬†

Something different for breakfast?!

21 05 2008

This just goes to show I always must have my oats for breakfast! But this time.. Baked Apple¬†Oatmeal. Got the recipe from Kath’s blog¬†for Banana Baked Oatmeal but changed it up a little according to the ingredients we had since¬†we are in dire need to grocery shop…¬†

Layered apple slices on the bottom of the baking pan as well as to the top of the oatmeal instead of bananas. I also added some cinnamon to the batter (I add extra cinnamon to everything) and drizzled honey instead of brown sugar for the last few minutes of broiling.

My portion that I ate along with a spoonful of crunchy natural pb & some homemade applesauce (basically just pureed apple chunks with a little bit of water). MmMm I love my oatmeal in any form!

Needed to finish off the rest of the nf plain yogurt container so made a Strawnana smoothie. Cinnamon definitely makes the taste of this!

Ran a few errands before heading home for lunch then off to work! The bf bought his rollerblades today so hopefully if the weather is nice, we’re going around the Sea Wall again tomorrow. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Vancouver for how long and never thought to do the Sea Wall?! It really is definite must-do for anyone that comes to this city. It’s an awesome workout as well.

Back home I stared at the empty fridge for a bit to think of what I was going make with the leftovers and came up with a quick Asian broccoli stirfry. Sauteed broccoli, a few spare ribs, and chopped green onion with mushroom soy sauce and water. Then topped it all off with a couple of chopped almonds! It turned out pretty good but would’ve been better in my opinion if we had some fresh ginger.. ūüė¶

If I was hungrier, I would’ve ate this with brown/wild rice or some vermicelli rice noodles but my baked oatmeal breakfast really held me over for a while!

Needed dessert so I had a bit of the leftover baked oatmeal topped off with some nf plain yogurt, raisins, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey. I had to take the picture on the windowsill since it got better lighting (HI random woman in the back!) 

I also just realized that my gross looking nails always seem to show up in the pictures! So I did them the other¬†day,¬†not the BEST paint job in the world but at least it bears everyone from having to look at my half-chipped-off-lazy nails!¬†It’s a¬†really cute shade of pink called “Blushed” by Revlon. I¬†found it on sale for $5 when we originally were stopping for milk at one in the morning….

Another random buy are these sunglasses that I got for $7! They’re really similar to the vintage ones I had my eye on, but for a poor college student that’s going to end up breaking/losing them anyways.. this was a deal to me!

Came home from work to seriously MOUNTAINS of little boxes filled with leftover Chinese food since the bf’s parents went to go eat out for lunch. I’m not really crazy about Chinese food since it always tends to be on the greasy side, so I just had a small portion of what seemed to be some of the more healthy choices. Stir fry chicken&broccoli with veggie fried rice.

Aaaand not to brag or anything.. but I think my stir-fry was much tastier (& less greasy!) than this ūüėČ

The bf’s cousins from out of town are heading back tomorrow morning, so we decided that we were going to go to the beach by the University of BC (which also happens to be a nudist!! beach) to have a bonfire. Well, that plan failed since the beach was closed “after hours”. Instead we went to this really cute 24 hour coffee house in Kitsilano which totally had a hippie/vintage feel. I loved it! They had paninis, homemade rustic sandwiches/desserts ugh everything looked so good!¬†But¬†the bf and I just ended up sharing¬†a small bowl of Maple Walnut Gelato which was reallyyyyy good. But me, I’m a sucker for gelato anytime ūüėČ