One helluva post!

20 06 2008

Time to play catch-up for the 2 days! Ugh been so busy with studying, work, running errands that need to be done before I leave, plus I’m starting to pack up some things in my room to leave in Houston. I’ve already filled two huge suitcases but I’m probably going to have to empty out some stuff because they already feel too heavy =/ Transporting my entire closet down there is going to be a challenge I tell ya!

Anyways, on to the food.. 2 nights ago I was feeling the late-night munchies so I made a Strawnana smoothie with a handful of chocolate graham bears. Finished half of the smoothie and gave the rest of it to my garborator, that is my bf ūüôā

Woke up to my morning bowl of joy ūüôā Nature’s Path Optimum Power Cereal¬†with strawberries, bananas, & raisins.

Went to the gym with the bf for a good upper body workout. My new obsession lately has been reverse crunches. (Don’t ask me how to do them because I am the worst¬†at explaining exercises!) I googled them up and I always end up feeling the soreness in my abs afterwards, love it ūüôā

Yesterday’s lunch was leftover Green Bean Stir-fry and quick Scrambled Egg Whites with mushrooms, onions and topped with tomato sauce. Kinda bland but ehh I needed some protein!

I really wanted some Maple-walnut frozen yogurt for dessert but I resisted for a healthier option.. fruit & yogurt “parfait”. Nf plain yogurt on the bottom, layered with Nature’s Path Optimum Power Cereal, strawberries, walnuts, and a couple chocolate graham bears.

Later on I went out for dinner with a couple girlfriends and we¬†went to¬†the same Japanese restaurant that I’ve already been to twice just in the past week and a half!¬†Choices were either sushi or Greek and I¬†knew that I’d probably¬†end up getting greasy calamari.. so sushi it was! And yes, I got the Veggie Combo Boat.. again. I could live on that damn boat!!

Afterwards we¬†chilled out and just¬†watched half of the first season of Sex and the City on dvd so we could get one of my friends (who has never watched an episode!!) into it. Shockingly.. she didn’t even enjoy it!! She said she “couldn’t get into it”. WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!

Now for today’s eats!

I think this picture can describe itself by now ūüėČ haha

The bf’s mom bought another caseload of mangoes so guess what I had as my mid-morning snack! This batch is sooo perfectly ripe.. I had¬†another one later on in the afternoon ūüôā

We finally have tortillas again! So I made this Mushroom Mozza Quesadilla for lunch.. sauteed some mushrooms & green onions for a couple minutes, heated and spread some tomato sauce & nf plain yogurt on a tortilla, grated some mozzarella cheese inside and folded everything together. Mushrooms + mozza = best quesadilla combo ever!!

Had this with some steamed broccoli & soy-ginger dressing on the side.

Dinner was exactly what I was craving for.. MEAT!! Having meat isn’t really a big deal to me (I’d actually pick tofu over meat if I had the choice) but I had this random craving for it today. So here’s my Beef Tenderloin & Veggie Stir-fry with zucchini, red & yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, onions all on top of wild brown rice.

Ate this while reading the bf’s new Men’s Health Magazine that came in the mail today. I love reading this even though it is directed towards men. I would get a subscription to the women’s version.. but I am just¬†too cheap to buy magazines ūüėõ

To satisfy my sweet tooth.. had another fruit & yogurt parfait sans chocolate graham bears since the bag is finito ūüė¶ Time to head back to Shoppers.. I love their new “Organics” house brand!

Night munchies kicked in a little bit later though.. What I intended to have was some maple-walnut fro yo but the bf finished the rest of it last night!! ERRR so I settled for a spoonful of pb instead ūüôā

Back to non-stop studying ūüė¶ But TGIF tomorrow! The bf and I are having a dinner + movie date night and I think we’re watching the new¬†Steve Carrell movie, “Get Smart”. Should be good! Night everyone!


TGI.. Tuesday!

4 06 2008

Ahh I LOVE my Tuesdays since it’s the bf’s and¬†I have our¬†day off tomorrow! Feels goooood ūüôā

Another thing that I love? My new random cereal mixes. Nature’s Path Raisin Bran, Fiber First, Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some raisins & half a banana. I even wanted to have this for dinner tonight but I have to keep my cereal addiction¬†at breakfasts only¬†or else the 5 boxes that we bought will be finito very soon..

Sliced pears for a mid-morning snack..

Lunch was another random fridge mishmash! Chicken&veggie burrito made with leftover chicken (but gave most of it to the bf) zucchini, red peppers, onions, garlic, green onion and tomato sauce. Then found a half head of broccoli so steamed that up and chucked them onto the plate for additional volume. My plates always look like HUGE portions but it’s really because I bulk up on the veggies ūüėČ

From up high.. Ate with nf plain yogurt and tried out Drew’s All-Natural Cesar Dressing.. omg SO GOOD! I am going to start eating it with EVERYTHING! And trust me I will find many, many ways..

Snack before work was a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. Again, my snack was supposed to be half but when it comes to Clif bars I can never not finish the whole thing! They taste like chewy Mrs. Field’s cookies but without the 1837450 calories.

That’s the Semi Pro movie with Will Ferell hanging out in the back. Picked it up after I returned The Cleaner which we watched last night. It was SUCH a good mystery movie, I love it when random Blockbuster pickups don’t turn into crappy movies!

I was¬†going to settle for just an almond butter & banana sandwich for dinner tonight (which wouldn’t have been a bad choice either!) but stopped by the Japanese place near our house! SUUUUUUSHI, you can always count on it! I got 2 California rolls and a miso soup then plated some steamed broccoli on the side.

Sayonara! (At least I think that means goodbye?!) =/

Out of the Ordinary

28 05 2008

I never thought this would have ever come across my mind but.. I wasn’t feeling my oats today! While eating my bowl of oatmeal, it just totally wasn’t hitting the spot. I kind of had to force myself to down the rest of it! Usually my breakfast is the reason why I wake up in the morning, so not enjoying my oatmeal is not a normal situation at all. Yes, this is a very serious matter to me =P haha.

Maybe it’s just because we ran out of bananas so it was missing the creamy sweetness? ūüė¶ Anyways, here’s the bf’s and I’s breakfast bowls. (You didn’t think I ate THAT much didja?!)

Mine with just raisins, walnuts & a teaspoon of natural pb. The bf’s was a random combo of white chocolate chips, almond slivers, raisins & natural pb. White chocolate for breakfast? YUM! Too bad my poor little stomach can’t handle tons of sweets in the morning ūüė¶

All is well since we went grocery shopping and picked up some bananas. PHEW! 

I also got some ingredients to make stuff from Veganomicon! I borrowed¬†it from the¬†library a couple of weeks ago (which probably means it’s overdue right now =/..) but it’s one I’m definitely purchasing soon because all the recipes are pretty simple¬†but¬†sound sooo tasty. I’m also going to try making some seitian soon aka “cheat meat” (the protein comes from the vital wheat gluten) even though I do eat meat, but I’ll try anything at least once!

Lunch was Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas! I’ve just recently fallen in love with this bean+corn combo and the¬†bf and I are¬†hooked!

Preparation for lunch was time-limited (as always) so I had to make this the “quickie way”. Microwaved some tomato sauce, fajita spice, canned corn & canned black beans, heated a¬†whole wheat tortilla on a skillet, placed the mixture on one side of the tortilla, and finally grated some mozzarella cheese on top¬†(I know, not very Mexican-y..)

Folded the little guy over..

Aaaand plated! Topped off with some nf plain yogurt.

I noticed I use nf plain yogurt on almost everything I eat. The stuff is extremely versatile:

  • A “whipped cream” substitute for topping onto desserts (I also drizzle a little honey on top for extra sweetness)
  • I mix it in when baking muffins, breads, cakes etc. when a recipe calls for oil/butter. Sounds weird but it adds moisture without the fat!
  • A “sour cream” substitute (as you see it here served with quesedillas)
  • A staple in making my re-occuring favorite.. Strawnana smoothies!

Therefore, my fridge without a tub of plain yogurt would result in disaster!

Had a Bartlett pear before heading to work.

Normally I have tomorrow (Wednesdays) off, but when I got to work¬†I JUST¬†remembered I offered to take a shift about a month ago for a coworker who¬†wasn’t able to work that day¬†ūüė¶ And there I was, all excited for my day off.. ugh NOT a pleasant surprise!

I’ve been having these weird stomach aches off & on for the past 3 days. They kill for about a minute, go away, come back..¬†so uncomfortable! But I’m hoping¬†it’s just something¬†I ate and will pass¬†soon, so tonight I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The bf’s mom bought these tiny, cute bowls today (awesome for portion control!) so I had a little non-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon & raisins and a Strawnana smoothie. My¬†annoying stomach¬†acted up¬†again, so I ended up giving most of the smoothie to the garborator that is my bf! Haha ūüôā

Got a little hungry later on, so I had some steamed broccoli to shush up my confused little stomach!

Humpday tomorrow :)! I can make it just half a week more til the weekend right?! ūüė¶

I live on Sushi

26 05 2008

Woke up early this morning and our intentions were to hit the gym before the bf had to leave for work. But right when I woke up I could feel how fatigued my lower body was from all the cardio! I really pushed myself to¬†bike up those steep hills so I knew I was going to be sore the next morning. Surprisingly, I love that feeling when you wake up with a sore body the next day.¬†All this means to me is that I got an¬†awesome workout ūüėČ

Here’s my lovely bowl of oatmeal with bananas, flax, cinnamon, raisins and walnuts.

Didn’t get any of my errands done (again) but that’s why they call them Lazy Sundays, right?

Lunch was a tasty chicken quesadilla made with roasted skinless chicken breast, tomato sauce, lettuce, nonfat plain yogurt, and mozzarella cheese! Alongside¬†is a spring salad with¬†my “dressing” (which really means a random mixture of nf plain yogurt,¬†honey dijon mustard,¬†squirt of lemon juice, pepper and paprika!) ¬†


Not feeling the gym today, so did another at-home workout which included some exercises I got from here

A hot day always¬†calls for¬†a Strawnana smoothie ūüôā

My best friend is in a Filipino folk heritage performing arts group so we headed downtown to support her at their big show downtown. Had my snack on the drive there (it was quite fitting for the occasion now that I think of it..) a Manila mango!

Had dinner before the show with a couple of girlfriends at a small sushi place near the theatre. Sushi again??¬†Of course!¬†I never get sick of Japanese food (esp sushi!) so I would have no problem having it everyday ūüėČ

I didn’t even notice that I got a yam and tofu roll again¬†with the addition of an¬†avocado roll (I’ve got to kind of change things up right?).¬†Also had¬†a¬†miso soup on the side and¬†a piece of a¬†friend’s gyoza which was not the greatest =/

Here’s some pictures from the show which¬†actually turned out to be¬†a lot more entertaining than I expected! Haha that¬†might not sound too nice..¬†but¬†I grew up watching tons of native Filipino dances so I thought I’ve seen it all, but the group did an amazing job tonight!

My mouth felt dry as the Sahara desert the whole time so I grabbed this orange flavored Green Tea Refresher from a friend’s place. 0 cals and tastes amazing! This one is def going on my “try to mimic” list…

When I came home the bf proudly let me know that he made his own dinner. His exact words were¬†“Yeah, on top of the stove and everything!” He made a chicken teriyaki sandwich using the leftover roasted chicken breast. This is coming from a guy who considered using the toaster as “cooking”. Yep, he doesn’t need me anymore ūüė¶

Have a good Monday morning everyone!


18 05 2008

After having my usual bowl of oatmeal.. headed downtown to Yoga Wear Warehouse Sale! Got a TON for just $75.. (2 sports bras, shorts, 2 bamboo longsleeve tops, headband, pants). So worth the trip!

Had to jog a couple blocks up and down the street since I only had my debit card on me (as always) and of course they accepted cash only =/ So that counts as some exercise to me..

¬†Had a Cliff bar on the loooong way back home. The chocolate chip flavor is still my favorite though ūüėČ

Had a quick lunch before going to work. Whole wheat “quesedilla” of chicken, lettuce, tomato sauce & nf plain yogurt. With my baked apple w/ half vanilla yogurt. Also had a handful of raisins before I left too since I knew I’d get hungry later on.

Dinner at bf’s aunt’s house was 1/2 grilled porkchop, corn&peas, butterscotch/chocolate pudding w/ ice cream

First post!

15 05 2008

Well basically I started this blog since I became so obsessed with other’s sites. Even my boyfriend noticed my infatuation… “Why are you always looking at what Kath ate?!” Hahaha, obviously the Kath from one of my favorites:¬†KathEats

So here I am with my own, hoping this will help keep the healthy balance between my love of food and staying active. Some quick facts about me.. I’m a student studying to one day become a Medical Radiologist, I live with my boyfriend + his parents, younger sister, and a diva for a dog in Vancouver, Canada. I love working out, yoga, sushi (I could literally eat Japanese food everyday), and cooking/baking. Also, I’m half a grandma and half a party-er! I love going out clubbing/partying with friends but sometimes I just want to stay in on a Friday night and bake oatmeal apple muffins, you know?

Today was the boyfriend (Nicky) and I’s day off. I love just having a day to do whatever!¬†

Nicky made my favorite for breakfast.. oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, flax, and 1% milk. Had that along with a “Strawnana” smoothie (strawberries, bananas, non fat plain yogurt, cinnamon, splash of milk). Unfortunately no photo since I got the bright idea of starting a blog after¬†I ate!¬†

Then headed to the gym. Bike, abs/back/arms work, finished off with tough intervals on the elliptical. 

Back home I had a pear to tide my hunger over while making enchiladas¬†for lunch/dinner! Pears are definitely one of my favorite fruits. Behind mangoes and pineapples though ūüėȬ†

This is my second time making these. I never really had an enchilada but basically made them by looking at whatever we had in the fridge and threw it altogether!

I always start off with sauteing onions, garlic, red&green bell peppers, and canned corn. When the onions start to become translucent, I add the spices (cumin, paprika, fajita seasoning, garlic salt, black pepper) and tomato sauce. That’s my “base”. Then I did 3 different batches adding these combinations into the base:

РBlack beans + spinach 

– Black beans + multigrain wild rice + ground beef

РRefried beans 

Stuff the filling in a whole wheat tortilla and sprinkle in some cheese (I used mozzarella since that’s what we had). Roll up like a burrito and place in a baking pan topping off with more tomato sauce (just to cover the surface) and another sprinkling with cheese. Bake until cheese melts.. and voila! Ready in under 30 minutes if you’re speedy like me ūüėȬ†

The whoooole enchilada! I had 1.5 of the spinach + corn + black bean enchilada.

Since that might not look too appetizing.. this close up shows its deliciousness mMmMm!


Finished off with some Baked Apple for dessert! Basically just microwaved a chopped apple (this one was MASSIVE), sprinkled some cinnamon and topped with a spoonful of nonfat plain yogurt.