Sweat.. it’s a good thing.

25 05 2008

Ahh.. Martha Stewart has such an influence on me. Started off my awesome Saturday morning by making whole wheat crepes! I used to make them all of the time with my mom’s crepe pan, but a normal nonstick one did the job just as well.

I was feeling adventurous and did 2 different fillings. First, browned thin apple slices in a skillet with a dab of margarine, a couple raisins and sprinkled some cinnamon and brown sugar during the last few minutes of cooking. Layered it inside the crepe along with a little nonfat plain yogurt — one of my staples, I find ways to eat it with everything!

And here’s the second filling.. natural crunchy pb & raisins. When I just finished rolling all of the crepes, I just thought of another really good combo: pb w/ sliced bananas & a drizzle of  honey. Yumm.. damnit.

Rollin, rollin, rollin…

Served with some homemade applesauce & nf plain yogurt (as usual) then topped with walnuts!

Inside view *drools*

Had a nice, lazy Saturday morning while the poor bf had to work! Then I decided to put off my list of errands to do for the weekend (I literally make lists for everything..) because it was such a burrrrning hot day so obviously I had to take advantage.

For lunch I had the last of the leftover Mandarin salmon salad (I told you it made a huge bowl!) and a Manila mango.

I thought, “Why not save my $3.50?!” and had an at-home workout for the day. Did the Ab-Ripper workout from the P90X workout series (Def one of the best workout dvds I’ve tried so far, it KICKS your ass big time!!) followed by some push-ups & tricep dips and a good 2.5 hour long jog/walk!

The bf noticed that I came back nice and tanned from my run (I naturally get tanned pretty easily, I’ve never gotten a sunburn, ever!). Thus, his new nickname PB (pale boy) was born. Hahaha I just tease him because he’s clearly jealous of my glowing complexion since he’ll be staying as his pasty-self.. stuck at work on gorgeous summer days!   

But it was STILL outrageously hot when he got back, so we went down to the Sea Wall. My pre-biking fuel in the car ride there, was some leftover steamed asparagus (ignore the rice morsels since they were both stored in the same container =/) and the bf & I shared this mix of apple slices, walnuts, & raisins.

While biking across the Burrard Street Bridge, found this beauuutiful look-out over English Bay!

Yes, I am determined to live in one of those condos someday!!

Stopped for an outdoor dinner at this japanese restaraunt in my most favorite area ever, Kitsilano on West 4th. The bf’s donburi and California roll:

& I probably finished about 80% of my California, yam & tofu rolls!

Biked/rollerbladed for a good 4 hours! I did a lot of cardio today especially with my jog from earlier on. I really love getting all sweaty and working my body as hard as I can, so let’s just say that I am officially.. P-O-O-P-E-D.  

Goodnight everyone!