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20 06 2008

Time to play catch-up for the 2 days! Ugh been so busy with studying, work, running errands that need to be done before I leave, plus I’m starting to pack up some things in my room to leave in Houston. I’ve already filled two huge suitcases but I’m probably going to have to empty out some stuff because they already feel too heavy =/ Transporting my entire closet down there is going to be a challenge I tell ya!

Anyways, on to the food.. 2 nights ago I was feeling the late-night munchies so I made a Strawnana smoothie with a handful of chocolate graham bears. Finished half of the smoothie and gave the rest of it to my garborator, that is my bf 🙂

Woke up to my morning bowl of joy 🙂 Nature’s Path Optimum Power Cereal with strawberries, bananas, & raisins.

Went to the gym with the bf for a good upper body workout. My new obsession lately has been reverse crunches. (Don’t ask me how to do them because I am the worst at explaining exercises!) I googled them up and I always end up feeling the soreness in my abs afterwards, love it 🙂

Yesterday’s lunch was leftover Green Bean Stir-fry and quick Scrambled Egg Whites with mushrooms, onions and topped with tomato sauce. Kinda bland but ehh I needed some protein!

I really wanted some Maple-walnut frozen yogurt for dessert but I resisted for a healthier option.. fruit & yogurt “parfait”. Nf plain yogurt on the bottom, layered with Nature’s Path Optimum Power Cereal, strawberries, walnuts, and a couple chocolate graham bears.

Later on I went out for dinner with a couple girlfriends and we went to the same Japanese restaurant that I’ve already been to twice just in the past week and a half! Choices were either sushi or Greek and I knew that I’d probably end up getting greasy calamari.. so sushi it was! And yes, I got the Veggie Combo Boat.. again. I could live on that damn boat!!

Afterwards we chilled out and just watched half of the first season of Sex and the City on dvd so we could get one of my friends (who has never watched an episode!!) into it. Shockingly.. she didn’t even enjoy it!! She said she “couldn’t get into it”. WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!

Now for today’s eats!

I think this picture can describe itself by now 😉 haha

The bf’s mom bought another caseload of mangoes so guess what I had as my mid-morning snack! This batch is sooo perfectly ripe.. I had another one later on in the afternoon 🙂

We finally have tortillas again! So I made this Mushroom Mozza Quesadilla for lunch.. sauteed some mushrooms & green onions for a couple minutes, heated and spread some tomato sauce & nf plain yogurt on a tortilla, grated some mozzarella cheese inside and folded everything together. Mushrooms + mozza = best quesadilla combo ever!!

Had this with some steamed broccoli & soy-ginger dressing on the side.

Dinner was exactly what I was craving for.. MEAT!! Having meat isn’t really a big deal to me (I’d actually pick tofu over meat if I had the choice) but I had this random craving for it today. So here’s my Beef Tenderloin & Veggie Stir-fry with zucchini, red & yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, onions all on top of wild brown rice.

Ate this while reading the bf’s new Men’s Health Magazine that came in the mail today. I love reading this even though it is directed towards men. I would get a subscription to the women’s version.. but I am just too cheap to buy magazines 😛

To satisfy my sweet tooth.. had another fruit & yogurt parfait sans chocolate graham bears since the bag is finito 😦 Time to head back to Shoppers.. I love their new “Organics” house brand!

Night munchies kicked in a little bit later though.. What I intended to have was some maple-walnut fro yo but the bf finished the rest of it last night!! ERRR so I settled for a spoonful of pb instead 🙂

Back to non-stop studying 😦 But TGIF tomorrow! The bf and I are having a dinner + movie date night and I think we’re watching the new Steve Carrell movie, “Get Smart”. Should be good! Night everyone!




4 responses

20 06 2008

Fruit and yogurt parfaits with a crunchy carb are always THE best thing to eat- any time of day!

Enjoy your date tonight!

20 06 2008

I can’t get over how yummy those bear cookies always look!!

Have a great time on your date – let me know how Get Smart is because I’m wondering whether I should go see it myself!

20 06 2008

Everything looks great as per usual! I really like the sounds of the mushroom mozza quesadilla. I now know what combo I’m putting in MY next quesadilla venture!

20 06 2008

haha i’m not a huge meat person either but it is funny that sometimes i get cravings for it too, weird!

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