Clear nose, happy me :)

18 06 2008

Woke up all stuffy again this morning so the first thing I did was head to Wal-Mart and pick up some allergy medication. I just got some generic brand for $2.. but OMG that stuff works like a charm. I swear I felt so much better within an hour. Maybe it’s just all in my head, but who cares! I can finally breeattheee!! 😀

Guess what’s back for breakfast :)! Oh how I’ve missed my Strawnana cereal.. Eating oatmeal the other day just wasn’t the same anymore, shocker huh? So this was my first time trying out the Nature’ Path Optimum Power that we got yesterday, pretty good if I say so myself. It’s pretty much a blend of bran flakes and Fiber One so maybe that’s why I like it so much 😛

It was only mid-morning and I was already getting droopy-eyed while studying! So I had a homemade mini cinnamon raisin bagel with some PB thinking I just needed some fuel to keep me going. Yet somehow.. I still ended up falling asleep on my books for 2 hours! Whoopsies =/

Lunch was a bowl of leftover Mung Bean Soup. Doesn’t look too appetizing.. but I swear that it’s just one of those foods that don’t look good but taste awesome!!

Yeah, mung bean soup really isn’t all that photogenic..

And I have no idea why, but it seems like all meds that I take (Advil, Tylenol etc..) leave me feeling incredibly drowsy. They’re even meant for the daytime but my body has a weird reaction to everything so who knows =/? 

But I really needed something to help keep me energetic for work, so I had a couple of scoops of the Maple Walnut Frozen Yogurt. Topped off with a couple more walnuts and I was feeling pretty peppy after that 🙂

I also had a really small plum at work but it was pretty sour and not all that exciting 😦

The bf’s mom made some random Green Bean Stir Fry with fish balls & tiny chicken patties for dinner. I do this too when I’m too lazy to cook, I just throw whatever is in the fridge together with some soy sauce and voila.. a meal. Never disappoints!

But I’ve never been too fond of fish balls, so I just threw one of them in my bowl to give it one more shot. And yep, now I know why.. they taste like fake, processed “fish” rolled up in a ball. Blegh not my cup of tea!  

Oh and it looks like Photobucket is having some issues so that’s why all of my other posts are picture-less. Boooo 😦

Well I’m off to study once again. Let’s see what all of this cramming in one week will result in the day of the exam eek!

Happy HUMPDAY tomorrow!! 😀 😀




7 responses

18 06 2008

your meals & snacks are all so vibrant & colorful… i think the soup looks fantastic! do u have a recipe? it seems like the perfect comforting soup!

18 06 2008

I agree, your soup looks really good to me. And of course the ice cream also looks fantastic. Ice cream is my one downfall. I can’t buy it and keep it in the fridge or I will want it after every meal or for every meal, depending on how much I eat at one serving!

18 06 2008

Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Neo Citran always does the trick for me. =)

Whoa, a homemade bagel?! Fantastic!

18 06 2008

I think the soup looks lovely and so satisfying!! I adore greens in my soup, not sure why.. Hmm I think I just love greens period, actually 😉

-PS- Feel Better!!!

18 06 2008

Hooray for breathing!! Let’s keep it that way!! :0D

Oooh, the Strawnana cereal looks wonderful, as do the mini bagel and maple-walnut fro-yo. Yum!

18 06 2008

Thanks for the replies everyone! Me and my nose are doing a lot better thanks to my trusty generic brand meds 🙂

lindzakins – The bf’s mom was the one who made the mung bean soup so I don’t know the exact recipe for it but here’s one that I googled up that seems pretty similar:

You can sub. the meat for fish, shrimp etc. I’d even try tofu to see how that works out!

18 06 2008

Generic brands are always just as good as the doubley expensive name brands of most products. I LOVE that!

I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately too. Only I’m just dumb and not getting enough sleep rather than being drowsy off of pills. Blah.

And I seriously want to try your bagels, they look amazing.

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