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17 06 2008

I am SUCH a ball of congestion right now. My allergies are going crazy so I’m constantly sneezing every two seconds. And when I’m not sneezing, I’m trying to make myself sneeze which results in weird looks from people =/

So I really wanted something cold for breakfast and couldn’t stand the thought of hot oatmeal on a day like today. But Kashi alone doesn’t fill me up, so I decided to make my oatmeal cold by sticking it in the fridge while I packed the bf’s and mine’s lunches.

Loved the creamy-ness of the oatmeal combined with the crunch of Kashi!

I really wanted to go for a run in the morning while it was still kind of breezy, but wanted a change of scenery. Don’t you just hate seeing the same thing all of the time while going for runs? That’s why I loathe treadmills with a passion! It gets so repetitive/boring after five minutes for me. Anyways, I decided to drive down and park my car at the beach so I could run along the shore. Well, turns out the only free parking I could get was a loooong way from the beach but I did not want to PAY to run. It is an extremely steep road heading DOWN the beach.. So I can say I got an awesome lower body workout on the way back up! 😉

Came home for leftover bbq for lunch! Grilled chicken breast, honey-glazed carrots, yellow pepper, and zucchini. Still as good as it was yesterday 🙂  

With a bowl of mung bean soup on the side (which I ate hot even though I was already sweating from the heat!)

It’s the bf’s and I’s 22 month anniversary today. (Yeah, we still do the anniversary thing monthly) I think it’s cute :)! So we went to go celebrate by eating at the same Japanese place we did the other day because it really was that good!

Miso soup and ebi sunomono to start. The ebi was actually in vinegar this time so it was all good 🙂  

Then I obviously had to get the Vegetable Combo Boat again! Green salad with miso mayo dressing, Veggie Tempura (onion, yam, sweet potato), Tofu Teriyaki on top of stirfry veggies, edamame, and a veggie roll. This is seriously my dream combo.. it has all of my favorites on here!

Afterwards, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some yogurt for smoothies and new cereal (yay!). Then I was a sucker for the bf’s persuasion to get another bucket of Chapman’s Maple-Walnut Frozen Yogurt. Ahh this stuff is beyond addicting!!

So here’s my tiny ice cream dish with about half a cup of the “fro yo” and a couple more walnut pieces I stuck on top for an extra crunch!  


Goodnight everyone! I’m off to study some more until I fall asleep on top of my book as I sign that I’m done for the night..




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17 06 2008

Oh I HATE allergies! 😦 I have them too–it’s like my nose never stops running! So irritating, especially if you’re the only one in the room that’s constantly sniffling and blowing your nose!

Mmm cold oatmeal! I love that stuff, but haven’t had it in a long time–now I’m really tempted! And pairing it with kashi is the best idea ever!

Good luck with studying [and the allergies!]

17 06 2008

awww that’s adorable that you do monthly anniversaries… that makes me smile haha. i know what u mean about the running. i love travelling mainly because i get to explore new areas when im running haha!

17 06 2008
Kelly T

my allergies are going nuts right now, too. it sucks big time.

your food always looks so good. one day when i am rich i will hire you to cook for me always. but i will build you your own house so it is worth it.

17 06 2008

I’ve never had allergies in the past but I swear I seem to be having them this year. So strange.

And once again, I want every meal you’ve featured here.

And I’m so jealous of your beach running. The fact that I only ever run on the treadmill is probably directly related to the fact that I only run on occasion. I really need to try the whole outdoor running deal. Except the scenery around my neighbourhood sucks for nice run viewing. Sigh.

18 06 2008

Kelly – I would totally cook for you in exchange for free training sessions 😉 haha

Kristie – You should come to Vancouver! Everywhere you go is a perfect area for running. Minus sketchy eastside downtown, yeah not so much over there :S

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