And the countdown begins..

16 06 2008

T minus 7 days until Houston! Ahh I’m so ready for that burning-feel-like-you’re-gonna-melt weather! PLUS there’s an outdoor pool just for the residents of my mom’s complex, so guess where I’m going to be 🙂

Sorry for another delayed post, I’ve been so busy with trying to study for the THEA exam and all of these errands that I’m trying to get done before I leave.

Yesterday’s breakfast was boresville. We hardly had any Fiber One left, no strawberries, no bananas.. NADA! So here’s my  plain jane bowl of the last of Fiber One from the bottom of the box and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with a couple raisins. Kashi just isn’t the same all by its lonesome self! 😦

I needed to make a quickie lunch since I still had a ton of stuff to do, so I finally finished the cooked quinoa! Seems like I made that whole batch months ago! So threw in quinoa, sliced mushrooms, and some tomato sauce in a bowl, tossed it around and microwaved for a couple of minutes. Not bad for a 5 minute lunch.. But while I was munching it down, I was wishing I’d cooked it on the stove with some onions & mozzarella cheese. Yeah, so I had to imagine that’s what I was eating instead 😛

On the side was the very last mango from our massive case. Such a sad occasion 😦 I’ve been craving chocolate all day so I also had some chocolate graham bears too.

We’re always trying to get the most use out of our new BBQ, so Father’s Day dinner was all grilled up! The bf’s dad had to miss his own dinner since he was at work though!

My plate with a chicken breast, honey-glazed carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes and a yellow pepper. I think I’m close to finally perfecting grilled veggies, a major step up from the blackened ones that I started with =/

I also had a bowl of Mung Bean Soup on the side. I forgot what the Filipino name for it is, but it’s basically a broth based soup with mung beans, spinach, and onions. Such comfort food! 🙂

How cute is that?! The bf set up the chocolate graham bears all nicely on top of a scoop of Breyers FF Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream.

I hate eating things that look so cute! It makes me feel bad as I bite their little heads off.. but they taste oh so good 🙂

Just came back from a run on the beach, the greatest thing ever. So I’m going to try to fit in more studying (booo!) and packing before I head off to work.

Ta ta! 🙂




2 responses

16 06 2008

Haha!! I love how the teddy grahams are popping out of the ice cream :0D

You’ll be in Houston before you know it – so exciting!!

17 06 2008

HAHA “bite their little heads off”… too funny… When I was little, I used to feel guilty about that!

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