Unlimited quinoa anyone?

14 06 2008

Sorry for the once again delayed post.. Got in pretty late last night and just wanted to hit the hay asap!

The same breakfast that you’ll see until the cereal box is empty.. Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Fiber One, sliced banana, strawberries, and raisins. I am not even close to being sick of this stuff yet! 😛

Pre-gym snack was a mini cinnamon-raisin homemade bagel with some PB! Got some upper body + cardio done within an hour.

Went to the mall (yeah, I know..) again to return the sandals I bought from Old Navy the other day that turned out to be a tad too big. But JUST as I’m walking out the door, I see Costa Blanca with 50% off sale signs everywhere. So you know what that means 😀 Came out with a summer-y dress & yellow flats. I finally got around to using up the store credit I had soo.. the best part was that I spent $0 WOOHOO! 

I STILL had some leftover cooked quinoa that I prepared the other day.. seems like I have a bottomless pit of this stuff!! Surprise, surprise what was for lunch! Whipped up Orange Tofu Quinoa.. words can’t describe how perfect this dish was! I loved how the orange flavor totally popped out.

Posted this up in the Recipes section.. you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Then I saw the last piece of Upside Down Apple Pie in the fridge.. I wasn’t dying for a piece, but I just ate it anyways just because it was there 😛 Haha, not really a good reason but I couldn’t let it go to waste 😉

Lunch kept me full for a while, so dinner was a small bowl of mainly the veggies from the Orange Tofu Quinoa and shared half a mango with the bf.

Then I get a call to go to this Italian restaraunt, Anducci’s, for my friend’s last minute birthday dinner. Even though I had JUST finished eating, I got a small appy of Wok Chili Squid. No camera, so unfortunately.. no picture! But the description was.. “Tender pieces of squid sauteed in a sizzling wok with fresh garlic, crushed chilis, lime and bruschetta salsa.” So try to picture THAT! It wasn’t greasy at all, so A+ in my book! I also had a Strawberry Daquiri that I drank a leeetle too quickly, so I left feeling a tad light-headed. Can we say.. lightweight?!

When I got home, the bf made a concoction involving some Breyers FF Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream + Organic Chocolate Graham Bears..

= this! Topped off with a couple white chocolate chunks.. HEAVEN I tell ya!  I totally didn’t need this either, but I blame my lack of control on the alcohol 😛

As for today, I had a pretty productive morning already. Picked up my paycheque, went to the bank, went for a nice hour long jog, and did laundry! WHEW. Now I’m off to study some math for the THEA and do some at-home lower body workouts.

Happy weekend :D! 





11 responses

14 06 2008

hehe how you feel about your kashi breakfast is how i feel about my oats 😉

LOVE the cute clothes!

14 06 2008

Mmm…chocolate graham bear dessert looks fantastic!! As does the orange tofu quinoa!

I LOVE store credit 🙂

14 06 2008

Whoa that stirfry looks SO good!! And that bagel is adorable!

14 06 2008

That mini bagel looks too cute and delicious :0)

15 06 2008

Sounds like a perfect day! Love the dessert- sounds absolutely delish!

15 06 2008

Oh shopping. Oh sales. Oh Costca Blanca. Who really needs resistance when you can buy tons of adorable cheap stuff? Heck if you’ve got the money (or even better, a store credit!), why not right??

I need to make that upside down apple pie soon, otherwise I just might go crazy. Every time you have a picture of it I want to grab it right off the screen and shove it into my mouth.

15 06 2008

hi, can share the recipe of the mini bagel?
ohh can tell me how to cook and store quinoa? i couldn’t find any instructions for that? thanks!

15 06 2008

i LOVE those shoes.

15 06 2008

Thanks everyone! 🙂

Kailing – the bagel recipe was based from the WW NY bagel recipe from happyherbivore.com. To make them into mini-bagels, I just seperated them into what I think was 18-20 small balls? Then I added some cinnamon & raisins while I shaped them.

As for the quinoa, I boil 2 cups of water per 1 cup of quinoa. Let it cook for about 10-15min and “fluff” it around with a fork when its ready. I stored my leftovers in a big airtight container and it still tasted pretty fresh after a week. Hope that helps :)!

15 06 2008

Super cute shoes!!!

Right now I am in love with that Breyer’s fudge brownie ice cream. YUM.

16 06 2008

Thanks so much…I appreciate it.. =)

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