I need to be put in retail rehab..

13 06 2008

Woke up excited for my Straw-nana cereal bowl again 😀 Am I the only one that wakes up with food as the first thing in mind?! We’re out of multigrain flakes so filled this up with half Fiber One and half Kashi GoLean Crunch.

So I went to the mall with the intention of just paying my cell phone bill, not stopping any where else, no shopping, end of story. Well obviously.. that didn’t happen 😛 I decided I needed to get a new bag (as if I don’t already have 10 million other ones stuffed away in my closet) to use as a light carry-on for the plane.

I’ve been lusting over this Vera Bradley tote for a while but they don’t ship to Canada 😦 BOOO! So I was on a mission to find a similar cotton bag.. First picked up this one from Off the Wall on sale for $10! Down side is that it doesn’t have any shoulder straps or zippers. But with my will power.. I can never pass up a sale!

Ended up kicking myself later as I found the perfect bag at Winners. Too bad the one I just bought was a final sale. Don’t you hate it when that happens??

Then I stopped by Old Navy to check out their new stuff.. dangerous, I tell ya. I left with 2 gladiator sandals in black & brown (couldn’t make up my mind!) and a bikini top on sale.

Okay.. I’m officially promising myself.. NO MORE SHOPPING until I go to Houston. I can last two more weeks, I think..

Mid-morning snack was a homemade cinnamon-raisin bagel with PB&B, green tea, all along with an Advil because I was feeling those “womanly cramps” errr!

I fell asleep by accident while watching tv but luckily I woke up just in time to eat a quick lunch before heading off to work!

Had the last of the leftover Chicken & Tomato Quinoa, a small piece of porkchop, and some sliced cucumber with soy-ginger dressing to dip.

Enjoyed about half a cup of some Chapman’s Maple Walnut Frozen Yogurt because it just felt like one of those days that I had to treat myself! 🙂 This has GOT to be the best flavor ever created..

I also had a mango later on in the day but forgot to snap a picture. Oh well, you guys will be seeing tons of them anyways we have a whole caseload at the house (which I’m predicting is not going to last very long..)

The bf’s mom made spaghetti for dinner but I wasn’t in a very pasta-y mood so I just had the spaghetti sauce over quinoa. Quinoa is so good with everything! I still have quite a bit leftover so I might try it out as something sweet for breakfast. Had a corn on the cob on the side as well as some random apple slices that I didn’t end up finishing.


I’m off to go study some math for the THEA test that I have to take when I get to Houston. Way to wreck the anticipation for a vacation huh?

See you all tomorrow :)!  




4 responses

13 06 2008

Haha – one can never have too many bags 😉

I most definitely wake up thinking “time to eat!”

I can’t get over how yummy those bagels look!!

13 06 2008

I definitely wake up every single morning thinking immediately about what I want to have for breakfast. I can’t help it, breakfast rules!

AS do sales. I love getting things on sale. And Old Navy and Winners are decently kind on my wallet, especially with their sale items. Heck, I have a gift certificate for Winners. Oh crap, now I seriously want to go shopping. Sigh.

Your “quick” lunch is so elaborate, impressive! I need to give this whole quinoa business a try one of these days.
And I also need to give that Chapman’s goodness a try. Maple walnut…can’t get much better than that.

13 06 2008

No worries, I’m a slave to fashion as well ;0)

14 06 2008

I wake up thinking about food too!

Cute buys! 🙂

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