Motor mouth

3 06 2008

Yes there is MORE I had last night after my snack overload! My stomach was feeling pretty empty, so I had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (I squeezed those babies myself!) but ended up drinking just half of my hard-squeezing work! Followed by a teeny-tiny portion of Asian meatball stirfry with mushrooms & snap peas. Aaand FINALLY my tummy was satisfied!


This morning I obviously had cereal since we have a pantry full of cereal to last us for years! You can’t really see everything I put in here, but my cereal bowl was a mish-mash  of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran, Fiber First, about 2 tbsp worth of Kashi Go Lean Crunch then topped with more raisins & cinnamon! YUM.. why choose one when you can have all of them?!

Then I was off to the gym for a satisfying hour-long workout! My in-car-post-workout-munchies were some leftover organic unsweetened banana chips & raisins! I’m obsessed with these little dehydrated yumminess!


So my intentions were to go to the mall and return a shirt from H&M but ended up coming out with 5x more stuff! Oh well, everything was a pretty good deal.. floral babydoll top, bow-tie tank, tank dress, 2 basic tanks (2 for $10!) Oh yes, I’m a happy camper shopper! 😀

Lunch was a find-whatever-in-the-fridge-and-plate-it kind of meal today. Tuna Salad (made with nf plain yogurt, relish, tsp of mayo & pepper), Pita chips made from 1/2 a pita, Cucumber slices dipped in soy-ginger dressing.

Plus had some mini Corn on the Cobs! Could anyone live on corn like me?!

 Made another Baked Apple Crisp but only ended up finishing half of this since lunch filled me up nicely!

When I got off from work I was close to starving but dinner wasn’t ready yet, so I had 1/2 of a Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar to tide me over.. but hungry me ended up eating the other half 😛

Dinner was kind of on the bland side (Shh.. don’t tell the bf’s mother!!). Slow-cooked chicken breast & green beans sauteed in soy sauce. Had the smallest portion I could get away with (without being rude!) but I really just wanted a bowl of cereal for dinner haha

& a Pear with some Raisin Bran Cereal closes the day!

22 days until vacation time!! 😀 😀 😀

Oh and the bf won extra points today surprising me with 2 dozen roses for no reason! 🙂 Too bad they don’t like all that great when I transferred them to a vase.. I cut random stems&leaves, placed it in anywhere.. yeah, I wouldn’t be the crappiest florist 😛




3 responses

3 06 2008

Looks like you had a fun shopping trip (even though you originally intended to just return something, haha). Love those impromptu sprees :0)

What a sweet bf – the roses are stunning!!

3 06 2008

I love your style, those shirts are all super cute! I hate when I do that though, go to return one thing and end up buying way more haha

Your boyfriend is too cute, those roses are gorgeous! And the fact that he did it for no reason makes him even sweeter!

5 06 2008

Hi! I just found your blog and love it. And, YES, I could live on fresh corn on the cob! Corn is good in almost everything! The roses are gorgeous. Hue brownie points!

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