Snack attack!

2 06 2008

Since I got in late last night from SATC, I knew I was going to sleep in longer this morning but not oversleep as much as I ended up doing! I woke up at 8:30 then went back to bed for a bit intending to wake up at 9.. but the next time I opened my eyes it was already 11:00! That is a really late start for me since I wanted to fit in a workout in the morning before the bf left for work at 12.

BLEH oh well I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t end up going because my legs are m-i-g-h-t-y sore from the lower body workouts I did yesterday! “It’s good pain, good pain, good pain..” is what I have to repeat in my head while I’m killing myself by walking up stairs!

My bowl of oatmeal def cured me a little a bit though 😉 Bananas, raisins, cinnamon and a teaspoon of natural pb. I used to be a creamy pb type of gal, but crunchy has totally won me over! I love that you get that extra bite!

Since I had a day of rest for my poor little legs, kept my lazy Sunday going by cleaning up/doing some laundry. I was going to make some homemade bagels, but decided they were too time consuming (& I wasn’t in the mood to wait around for any bread to rise!) so Wednesday will be the day!

The fridge is naked again (with the exception of the veggie drawer), so for lunch I made a simple Asian Shrimp Stir-fry with some broccoli, carrots, green onions, mushrooms with a soy & ginger sauce topped off with slivered almonds. When in doubt, stir-fry is always the solution!  

& I was reeeeeally craving a fruit parfait, but only had one apple left.. so that little guy was made into a Baked Apple “Pie” Parfait! This had NO added sugar but totally kept my sweet tooth satisfied!

You can’t really see the layers very well (I was too anxious while making this, I wanted to chow it down asap!) but it starts of with a layer of nf plain yogurt, raisins, baked chopped apples (microwaved them for about 1 min with a dash of cinnamon), repeated for a second time, then topped off with more raisins & cinnamon and about 2 tbsp worth of Honey Nut Cheerios as my “pie crust”.


Also got some grocery shopping done and we went a little cereal crazy since most of them were on sale, so why not stock up?! 

  • 2 HUGE boxes of Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! (2 for $10!)
  • Fiber First cereal (Generic brand — tastes the same as Fiber One anyways!) 
  • HUGE box of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Multigrain
  • Nature’s Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran
  • Almond Butter
  • Box of Chocolate Chip Clif Bars (2 boxes for $20!)
  • Box of Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bars
  • Drew’s All-Natural Cesar Salad Dressing
  • Wheatberries (trying these for the first time so I just got a small portion from the bulk section)

Let’s just say I am excited for breakfast now! 🙂

Then when we got home I was in snacking FRENZY! Started off with a glass of lemonade..

HandfulS of organic unsweetened banana chips (times this portion by.. ???)

Then a mini almond biscotti (which turned into 3 more..)

Oh and for the record I dipped a banana chip in a little almond butter to taste it out. So far, so good!

Wow, what a nice dinner I just had =/.. Oh well, I guess it’s one of those days when my little mouth just wants to non-stop crunch everything in sight!

Tomorrow is the Kanye West “Glow in the Dark” Tour with Rihanna, NERD & Lupe Fiasco in Vancouver, but WAIT and don’t get too excited because poor me is not going :(! I was DYING to go to this one since my friend found floor tickets for $200 but the bf & I decided to save our money for our summer vacations. So I guess it evens out 🙂 But hopefully the bf and I will be doing something fun to compensate for us not going to the concert!  

Good luck on everybodys’ Mondays tomorrow!




2 responses

2 06 2008

Mmm, oatmeal, stir-fry, a Baked Apple “Pie” Parfait, biscotti… too much deliciousness in one post!! Haha ;0)

Ahh, that concert sounds fabulous – too bad you can’t go :0(

Happy Monday!

2 06 2008

I HAVE to try that Baked Apple Parfait. I was actually trying to think of a good way to have an apply dessert of sorts earlier today so I think I’m going to go with that one!

I’m so jealous of your cereal stock, it makes me want to run out and buy a whole bunch of cereal right now!

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