Sex and the City, anyone?

1 06 2008

Another delayed post since I got back home pretty late last night from watching Sex and the City which ended up being around 2.5 hours long but it was soooo worth it šŸ˜‰

My old friend oatmeal and I were reunited yesterday morning once again. Bananas, walnuts, raisins, cinnamons.. YUM, I knew we couldn’t be parted for long šŸ™‚

Because of the chocolate fondue I had the night before (and I knew I was eating out for dinner later), I tried to balance out my meals for today. So lunch was a Fruit plate with apples, pears, and strawberries plus the last of the cottage cheese along with some cinnamon & raisins.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.. the plate was GIGANTIC and def filled me up for sure.

I also did some at-home exercises (a couple I got from here) and the Ab Ripper dvd from the P90X series. PHEW! Everything altogether gave me a great workout, just like a came back from the gym. The Jumping squats I did were really good too since I can def feel the soreness in my legs today!!

It took the girlfriends and I forever to decide what we felt like eating. I even had a chunk of pineapple at the house to hush dying appetite!

We always say we’re going to try a different cuisine but can never settle on the same one so we headed to our always-reliable, Japanese! Well, I wasn’t complainingĀ since you all know about my severe sushi addiction..

Started off with a bowl of miso soup

Wanting to step outside of my usual California or Veggie roll that I always order, I got the special bento box of the day. On top was Salmon & tuna Sashimi andĀ green salad with Ginger-miso dressing. Bottom was theĀ Canuck roll (crab, avocado, tobiko with smoked salmon on top) and the middle was kind of a mystery for me.. salmon & tuna and I’m guessing the other two were crab with tobiko and unagi (bbq eel)?

Who knows but the bbq eel was surprisingly tasty! I gave away a couple of my sashimi pieces and ate all of the salad, the mystery sushi, and about 3 pieces of the Canuck roll.

We rushed to the theater afterwards so we could get there early and not be stuck with seats in the front row straining our necks (don’t you hate it when that happens?!). Luckily we got came just in time and as for my Sex and the City review.. I thought it was everythingĀ  that I expected and more!

It was also funny because the theater was pretty much all girls (surprise, surprise) but then twoĀ regularĀ teenage boys walk in all casually..Ā getting all comfortable in the front row with their popcorn and everything. For the longest time, my friends and I were waiting for their girlfriends to show up, but nope! It was just them two! Haha I guess SATC isn’t just popular with the ladies!

And that is the story I’m telling the bf to convince him to watch it with me for the second time šŸ˜‰




One response

1 06 2008

So glad that you enjoyed SATC!! I can’t wait to see it :0)

What a delicious-looking fruit plate!! Haha, I like how the strawberries are perched on top of the pear slices.

Miso soup!! I was practically raised on that. Yum!

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