Saving money = happy me :)

31 05 2008

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday again since I got home around 2am-ish and all I wanted to do was pass out in bed and sleep my little mind away 🙂

So here’s FRIDAY!

Breakfast was Fiber One Cereal with bananas, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon. I love this Fiber One stuff, too bad it’s already finished because when the bf eats cereal, he doesn’t just eat it in normal cereal bowls.. he fills up a huge serving bowl! Ahh whatever he’s a growing little boy..

Went to the gym again for a good morning workout before heading off to my longer Friday shift at work. Going clockwise is.. a Spring salad (I put my dressing–nf plain yogurt, honey, paprika, pepper–in a bundled up plastic wrap so it wouldn’t get the leaves all soggy, worked out well!), Pineapple slicesPear (which I had later as my snack at work), Pita chips Black Beans & Corn

MmM it was such a filling lunch! I ended up having half of an apple at work since the cookies and cake hanging out at the work kitchen was getting me all in a munching-mood! Thank God my will power was feeling mighty strong 😉  

When I got home I had a little portion of cottage cheese with cinnamon & raisins (which is half eaten here since I only remembered to take a picure mid-bite =/)  

Everyone else was out clubbing tonight, but a couple girlfriends and I weren’t really up for it so we had a night in. Which is always a good thing since clubbing sucks the money out of me! No WONDER why they put ATM machines in there.. because when you’re tipsy, you feel like you have an unlimited bank account and can buy everyone a round of drinks. Aaand yeah, I wasn’t in the mood to wake up the next morning.. broke.

So lucky us, we found her fondue pot and had our own little Hot Pot! Filled the pot with broth and plated: bok choy, baby corn, water chestnuts, tofu, lobster balls, shrimp, chicken breast, and ham (random, I know)

It was just like having it at the restaurant without having to pay for overpriced ingredients! I tried pretty much everything except for the lobster balls and shrimp, not really feeling the seafood.

Then we discovered some chocolate chips and had Chocolate Fondue for dessert! Forgot to snap a picture but I had a couple strawberries & grapes dipped in.

Definitely a fun “splurge” night!

Today I’m planning to do some at home exercises then go for a good run.

I also think we’re having a girls’ night out tonight, possibly watching Sex In the City or going out for dinner/dancing at this restaraunt that has a live band! Should be another fun night.. without the boys 😉




5 responses

31 05 2008

I love all the “add-ins” that you incorporate into your FIber One breakfast – especially the raisins! Yum!

Fondue!! So fun, indeed :0)

Enjoy your Girls’ Night Out!! I’m DYING to see SATC.

31 05 2008

Hey! Just letting you know I changed the name and URL of my blog! Here’s the new address:

1 06 2008

Wow, that seems like an awesome girls night. And a fondue is SUCH a good iea, I haven’t had one of those in ages!

1 06 2008

Props for your self constraint in the face of all that dessert! I totally would have caved :p

And haha tell me about it! I never knew clubbing was so expensive until I actually gone…I’ve never been back since [i’m not really a clubbing person anyway :p]

Mmmm hot pot–the best way to eat when you’ve got a bunch of people! It’s so much fun too 😀

1 06 2008

fondue is amazing- great job trying it at home!

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