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30 05 2008

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1) I’ve moved NUMEROUS times since this past June. Started off in my mom’s house (she moved to Texas and I didn’t want to go) > best friend’s house (I felt bad since I was sorta invading her small space) > rented out a basement suite for about 3 months (it was underground so I got hardly any sunlight, it felt like a prison!) > dad’s house (I was at my bf’s place 99% of the time) > bf’s house ( I moved here!) Yep, that’s a total of 4 times and it hasn’t even been a full year yet!

2) I’ve always been really independent for my age. My parents were always busy/at work, so I started cooking when I was 7 (learning by watching The Food Network!) — not like Kraft dinner boxes, but full on meals such as spaghetti from scratch. I packed my own lunches since the 2nd grade, did my own laundry at about 10.. So now I feel like I’m in my mid-40s haha! TONS of my friends even right now still have their parents doing everything for them (packing lunches, doing/folding their laundry, giving them “going out” money..)

3) Still to this day, I CANNOT sleep in the dark! If my bf or someone else is in the room with me, it’s fine. But if I’m sleeping by myself I always turn on a dim light or some music. I have a big imagination from all those horror movies that catches up to me while I’m laying down in bed 😛

4) I’m the only one out of all my friends that LOVES eating sushi with wasabi and ginger. It just tastes so naked without it! And I put a TON of ginger on my sushi, meaning almost mountain-ous. I also love that kick wasabi gives to each bite. My bf is so disgusted by it, he won’t even eat a piece of sushi that has even slightly grazed a piece of ginger! Ahh.. I could eat sushi every single day.  

5) When I was a kid, my mom told me that she could levitate off the ground as a joke. But clearly I didn’t get the memo that she was kidding around because here I thought my mom was this amazing woman with floating powers. Then at my 10th birthday party I gathered up all my friends and told my mom to levitate for everyone. Yes, everyone left disappointed.

*BONUS! The bf and I have 2 vacations lined up for this summer. First, Houston, TX to visit my mom later this month. Then in July.. to San Diego and stopping by maybe Rosarito Beach, Mexico just for the day? So if anyone has been to any of those places, let me know how it was or what to do! Oh and since our 2 year anniversary lands on a weekend (August 16th!) we might go away someplace not too far away to celebrate! WOOHOO I ❤ summer 🙂

Now, fooooooooood!

Since I’m still recovering from the breakfast blunder that occured the other day.. had a yummy bowl of Fiber One Cereal with bananas, raisins, and walnuts. I LOVE this cereal! I think it also said there’s 13g of fiber per half cup? But YUM, this is now my new.. pressed-for-time-but-still-want-something-tasty-to-eat-for-breakfast, breakfast! 

Went to the gym after running a few quick errands for a GREAT workout. I love that boosted-energy feeling after a productive workout!

Lunch was a leftover skinless BBQ Chicken Breast from last night with a Spring salad with soy-ginger dressing on the side.

I love eating my meals with chopsticks even if they’re not Asian-y!

A perfectly ripe Bartlett pear for snack #1.

Snack #2 was a Baked Apple Oatmeal Crisp. I was craving something dessert-y and this def cured that craving! Chopped up some apples, threw it in a small oven-safe dish, mixed up a 1/4 cup of oatmeal with a little water and a dash of whole wheat flour and Splenda, smothered the “crisp” part on top and broiled in in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes. The topping came out nicely crisp. DEEElicious!  

For dinner the bf’s mom got Chinese take-out. Sweet & sour pork, chow mein, the typical.. But I wasn’t feeling a greasy meal, instead.. I was craving BREAKFAST! I was in a total cereal mood so I had another bowl of Fiber One with bananas and raisins then a small side of non-fat cottage cheese topped with more raisins and cinnamon.

Tomorrow is what we have all (well, me mostly) been waiting for.. FRIDAY!! 😀




3 responses

30 05 2008

BBQ chicken is one of my favorites! Yours looks divine!

30 05 2008

that fiber one creation looks so pretty and delicious! and so does the BBQ chicken! mmmmmm. and I totally eat mountains of ginger plain. I always end up asking for more plates of ginger from my server….like 3-4 times… sometimes I embarrass the people I’m with. I LOVE IT though!

30 05 2008

Great facts!! I too am quite independent (and I love the Food Network!! I’m watching “Tyler’s Ultimate” as I type out this comment, haha).

Sounds like you and your bf have some great vacation trips coming up!

Oooh, that Baked Apple Oatmeal Crisp looks FABULOUS!!

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