Going back in time

29 05 2008

Even though it’s Thursday, I’m rewinding back to Wednesday since I didn’t get a chance to post because it was a HECTIC day!

Right when we woke up, the bf’s mom decided to re-do the whole backyard today! It was such a long process.. first tearing down the existing (HUGE) patio, setting up the new gazebo/table&chairs, cleaning up the disastrous mess all over the yard, then setting up the new stainless steel barbeque! Definitely an all day project. But I have to admit, the bf did 98% of everything and I just came in to help put together the new barbeque. Haha 😛

So while the bf sledge-hammered the patio down, I was inside making a yummy breakfast :)! I was in a big cooking mood this morning so I went all out (well, this is going “all out” for me). Made Cheese Danish Pancakes from the recipe at Kath’s site.

Ugh I am so in love with these, I would def make them every morning if I wasn’t always in such a huge rush! Pretty much stuck to the exact recipe except I didn’t have enough cottage cheese, so I ended up using a 1/2cup cottage cheese & 1/2cup nf plain yogurt (there goes the yogurt again!). Also threw in some raisins and cinnamon.

Aaaand so that pretty much sums up the best pancakes EVER!

Also made Scrambled Egg Whites with Honey-Glazed Carrots & Green Onion. Saw the carrots and green onions hanging out in the veggie drawer so just threw them in there. The combo ended up being so good together!

Everything altogether, along with some caramelizing apples in the corner!  

Topped off, with none other than.. nf plain yogurt & a splodge of applesauce on the side.

This beats any breakfast at Denny’s anyday 😉

Had some of the leftover black beans & corn from the quesadillas I made yesterday, with nf plain yogurt. Ate them with 1/2 a pita bread toasted to make easy pita chips and a small side of cottage cheese with cinnamon and raisins.

When I came back home from work, the poor bf was STILL outside working on the backyard. He was out there all day and got a maaad sunburn on his shoulders =/

Dinner was supposed to be barbequed, but since the new bbq wasn’t even put together yet.. dinner was delayed a while. So to hold me over, was a pear & a handful of raisins.

As you can see, we didn’t have the bbq set up and all ready to go til eleven at night! Normally, I don’t like eating dinner this late, but the bf worked so hard at putting everything together for dinner that I had to make the exception (& I was starving my ass off :P)

My top row of grilling veggies: tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers.

My plate which was mainly a veggie-fest.. skinless chicken breast, tomatoes, wild rice, carrots and bell peppers.  

PHEW! Long post, long day!




3 responses

29 05 2008

Oooh, the pancakes look fabulous!!

Definitely rest up after your long day – you were busy, for sure!!

30 05 2008

new to your blog. you eat tasty treats so im tagging you.

see my blog for rules

30 05 2008

Every single food you ate today looks amazing. I can’t get over that breakfast, it’s so GOURMET! And all those grilled veggies… wow.

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