Out of the Ordinary

28 05 2008

I never thought this would have ever come across my mind but.. I wasn’t feeling my oats today! While eating my bowl of oatmeal, it just totally wasn’t hitting the spot. I kind of had to force myself to down the rest of it! Usually my breakfast is the reason why I wake up in the morning, so not enjoying my oatmeal is not a normal situation at all. Yes, this is a very serious matter to me =P haha.

Maybe it’s just because we ran out of bananas so it was missing the creamy sweetness? ūüė¶ Anyways, here’s the bf’s and I’s breakfast bowls. (You didn’t think I ate THAT much didja?!)

Mine with just raisins, walnuts & a teaspoon of natural pb. The bf’s was a random combo of white chocolate chips, almond slivers, raisins & natural pb. White chocolate for breakfast? YUM! Too bad my poor little stomach can’t handle tons of sweets in the morning ūüė¶

All is well since we went grocery shopping and picked up some bananas. PHEW! 

I also got some ingredients to make stuff from Veganomicon! I borrowed¬†it from the¬†library a couple of weeks ago (which probably means it’s overdue right now =/..) but it’s one I’m definitely purchasing soon because all the recipes are pretty simple¬†but¬†sound sooo tasty. I’m also going to try making some seitian soon aka “cheat meat” (the protein comes from the vital wheat gluten) even though I do eat meat, but I’ll try anything at least once!

Lunch was Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas! I’ve just recently fallen in love with this bean+corn combo and the¬†bf and I are¬†hooked!

Preparation for lunch was time-limited (as always) so I had to make this the “quickie way”. Microwaved some tomato sauce, fajita spice, canned corn & canned black beans, heated a¬†whole wheat tortilla on a skillet, placed the mixture on one side of the tortilla, and finally grated some mozzarella cheese on top¬†(I know, not very Mexican-y..)

Folded the little guy over..

Aaaand plated! Topped off with some nf plain yogurt.

I noticed I use nf plain yogurt on almost everything I eat. The stuff is extremely versatile:

  • A “whipped cream” substitute for topping onto desserts (I also drizzle a little honey on top for extra sweetness)
  • I mix it in when baking muffins, breads, cakes etc. when a recipe calls for oil/butter. Sounds weird but it adds moisture without the fat!
  • A “sour cream” substitute (as you see it here served with quesedillas)
  • A staple in making my re-occuring favorite.. Strawnana smoothies!

Therefore, my fridge without a tub of plain yogurt would result in disaster!

Had a Bartlett pear before heading to work.

Normally I have tomorrow (Wednesdays) off, but when I got to work¬†I JUST¬†remembered I offered to take a shift about a month ago for a coworker who¬†wasn’t able to work that day¬†ūüė¶ And there I was, all excited for my day off.. ugh NOT a pleasant surprise!

I’ve been having these weird stomach aches off & on for the past 3 days. They kill for about a minute, go away, come back..¬†so uncomfortable! But I’m hoping¬†it’s just something¬†I ate and will pass¬†soon, so tonight I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The bf’s mom bought these tiny, cute bowls today (awesome for portion control!) so I had a little non-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon & raisins and a Strawnana smoothie. My¬†annoying stomach¬†acted up¬†again, so I ended up giving most of the smoothie to the garborator that is my bf! Haha ūüôā

Got a little hungry later on, so I had some steamed broccoli to shush up my confused little stomach!

Humpday tomorrow :)! I can make it just half a week more til the weekend right?! ūüė¶




2 responses

28 05 2008
Kelly T.

i hate days when nothing sounds good.

ive never thought of cottage cheese with raisins and cinnamon…thats a good idea

28 05 2008

Oatmeal just isn’t the same without bananas, in my opinion, so I understand why you wouldn’t be in the mood for a bowl of oats.

Can’t go wrong with a Veganomicon recipe!! Looks fabulous!!

Ahh, sorry that you have to work today :0( But remember, the weekend is near!!

Broccoli = a VeggieGirl favorite :0)

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