Is it vacation time yet?

27 05 2008

Today was one of those Mondays when you wish it wasn’t a Monday and instead it’s a hot Saturday afternoon.. and you’re on the beach.. in Hawaii 🙂

Snapped myself back to reality with my comforting bowl of oatmeal made with banana, flax and raisins! It’s been one of my intentions forever to buy a can of pumpkin to mix in with my morning oats. But again, I’m the queen of putting things off =/

After cleaning/getting some laundry done, I had the urge to go shopping so off to the mall I went 🙂 Made a quick stop at Old Navy since they’re having an awesome sale right now. Picked up a $3.99 skirt, $5.99 knit crochet dress, & a $16.99 jersey dress! Satisfied my shopping craving.. and all for less than 30 dollars! Oh yes I am the queen of bargains 😉

Didn’t have much in the fridge (again), so lunch was simple but still yummy. Stir-fried some zucchini, red&yellow bell peppers, 3 egg whites with spices & teriyaki sauce, threw them in some lettuce leaves, sprinkled some roasted almond slivers on top and voila.. Asian Lettuce Wraps!

Found a corn on the cob hiding in the back of the fridge, so I boiled that up and it was soo perfectly sweet!

Since veggies wrapped in veggies doesn’t exactly fill the boyfriend up.. I made him a quick chicken chow mein. I didn’t have any of this but it looks pretty tasty in the picture!

For dessert I ripped off a tiny corner of this pb & banana & applesauce sandwich. This combo makes my mouth drooool as I speak! (Err.. type?)

I didn’t even realize all of today’s meals had an Asian theme going on until now, but dinner kept it steady! Sweet & Sour Chicken on a bed of Bean Sprouts! Basically baked small patties of extra-lean ground chicken, sauteed the cooked patties with some onions, bell peppers and sweet&sour sauce and served it over plain bean sprouts!

Dessert (what’s a meal without a sweet ending?) was baked apple with raisins, nf plain yogurt, cinnamon and walnuts. MmMm this is so apple pie.. just without the crust!

We survived Monday everyone, WOOHOO!




4 responses

27 05 2008

Wow your meals looks great! Esp those lettuce wraps… what spices did you use?

27 05 2008

Ahh, hope your Tuesday goes better!!

Great shopping trip you had!!

I LOVE nut-butter & banana sandwiches; but with applesauce?? Now THAT’S enticing!! Yum!!

27 05 2008

I practically live in Old Navy. Or at least my wardrobe does. I never enter the mall without stopping there, and they always have the GREATEST sales. You got such cute stuff! I’m loving that white top.

Those asian lettuce wraps look SO good. Funny enough I’ve never thought of scrambling up egg whites with a stir fry, I really need to try that one!

And I am super excited to try the pb/banana/applesauce combo. Whoa. That sounds like it’d make one mighty fine sandwich 😉

28 05 2008

Cassie – I used a random mixture of cumin, paprika, black pepper, and all spice. I just basically throw in whatever catches my eye =P

VG – I just wanted some extra moisture to my pb&b sandwich one day and saw applesauce and voila! Who knew they’d make such a good trio?!

Kristie – egg whites are a favorite of mine for adding extra protein in stirfrys to make it more of a meal.. plus they’re fast cookers too 😉

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