I live on Sushi

26 05 2008

Woke up early this morning and our intentions were to hit the gym before the bf had to leave for work. But right when I woke up I could feel how fatigued my lower body was from all the cardio! I really pushed myself to bike up those steep hills so I knew I was going to be sore the next morning. Surprisingly, I love that feeling when you wake up with a sore body the next day. All this means to me is that I got an awesome workout 😉

Here’s my lovely bowl of oatmeal with bananas, flax, cinnamon, raisins and walnuts.

Didn’t get any of my errands done (again) but that’s why they call them Lazy Sundays, right?

Lunch was a tasty chicken quesadilla made with roasted skinless chicken breast, tomato sauce, lettuce, nonfat plain yogurt, and mozzarella cheese! Alongside is a spring salad with my “dressing” (which really means a random mixture of nf plain yogurt, honey dijon mustard, squirt of lemon juice, pepper and paprika!)  


Not feeling the gym today, so did another at-home workout which included some exercises I got from here

A hot day always calls for a Strawnana smoothie 🙂

My best friend is in a Filipino folk heritage performing arts group so we headed downtown to support her at their big show downtown. Had my snack on the drive there (it was quite fitting for the occasion now that I think of it..) a Manila mango!

Had dinner before the show with a couple of girlfriends at a small sushi place near the theatre. Sushi again?? Of course! I never get sick of Japanese food (esp sushi!) so I would have no problem having it everyday 😉

I didn’t even notice that I got a yam and tofu roll again with the addition of an avocado roll (I’ve got to kind of change things up right?). Also had a miso soup on the side and a piece of a friend’s gyoza which was not the greatest =/

Here’s some pictures from the show which actually turned out to be a lot more entertaining than I expected! Haha that might not sound too nice.. but I grew up watching tons of native Filipino dances so I thought I’ve seen it all, but the group did an amazing job tonight!

My mouth felt dry as the Sahara desert the whole time so I grabbed this orange flavored Green Tea Refresher from a friend’s place. 0 cals and tastes amazing! This one is def going on my “try to mimic” list…

When I came home the bf proudly let me know that he made his own dinner. His exact words were “Yeah, on top of the stove and everything!” He made a chicken teriyaki sandwich using the leftover roasted chicken breast. This is coming from a guy who considered using the toaster as “cooking”. Yep, he doesn’t need me anymore 😦

Have a good Monday morning everyone!




3 responses

26 05 2008

Yam and Tofu roll! OMG that sounds amazing! I wish the Japenese places around here offered that! The only thing I have had that is close to that is a sweet potato roll- yum!

Just found your blog and I love it! Adding you to my blogroll! Your pictures are great!

26 05 2008

Kudos to you for listening to your body, and forgoing the gym – it’s always better to rest than to overtire yourself!

That Strawnana smoothie (and of COURSE the mango) looks quite refreshing – yum!

Wow, the photographs of the native Filipino dancers are spectacular!! What a great performance!

26 05 2008

I love feeling sore the day after a workout too. But that doesn’t happen to me very often, so I guess I have to start pushing myself more!

That quesadilla of yours looks scrumptious. As does the sushi. I’m getting hungry just seeing all of your food pictures.

And that show looks like it would be so much fun to watch!

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