Cute workout clothes = motivation!

24 05 2008

Even though it was a short work week, I love that feeling when you wake up and know it’s the weekend!! Rolled out of bed early to get a head start on my day with my usual morning partner.. oatmeal with 1/2 banana, cinnamon, raisins, flax, & walnuts! Walnuts are definitely becoming one of my favorites in my oats.

Got my lazy butt out of bed for a quick but tough workout. Plus, there’s just something about new yoga clothes that make me excited to go to the gym! And I officially LOVE going to the gym in the early morning. It’s mainly all of the cute senior citizens (yes, I think old people are cute.. my boyfriend tends to get jealous of the 60+ crowd now haha!) which means more mat space and no waiting for the elliptical! I always feel like I get the best workout when I finish with hard intervals on the elliptical. I never knew that one day I’d actually like exercise?!

Lunch was kind of a bore fest since I had to quickly pack something to eat for the rest of the day at work. Leftover Fish & chips and a little bit of the Mandarin salmon salad. Whoever said leftovers were such a bad thing 😉

This pear was soo yummy and perfectly pear-ish tasting.. if that even makes any sense? Haha

When it’s such a gorgeous day outside and you’re heading to work, don’t you just feel like you’re going to be missing out on something? Ugh that’s exactly how I felt since this weather was screeeaming.. bike riding on the Sea Wall!!  

After the bf & I got off work, it was too late to go on the Sea Wall so we took a good, long walk around downtown and stopped by The Marble Slab Creamery! Didn’t feel like something too sweet and heavy, so I got the vanilla frozen yogurt with walnuts. I don’t know where this recent walnut obsession came from?!  

Here’s my petite serving next to the bf’s gargantuan-sized ice cream! He got the Swiss chocolate ice cream with crushed coffee crisp & mini marshmallows in a caramel Skor waffle cup. Yep it was mandatory that I take a couple bites of that 😉

It’s prom time right now for high schoolers, so we saw a lot of limos (and HUMMER SUV limos!!) around downtown. That totally made me want to be back in high school all over again 😦 But here’s a picture of my bf & I at my prom. Now I just really need to find an occasion to wear that dress again.. ha!

Show me your prom pictures/dresses!




One response

24 05 2008

Ah yes, waking up knowing that it’s the weekend is DEFINITELY a great feeling :0)

Wow, that pear looks HUGE!! Must just be the close-up shot, haha.

Aww, such a lovely prom photograph!! Love the color of your dress (yellow is one of my favorite colors).

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