Something different for breakfast?!

21 05 2008

This just goes to show I always must have my oats for breakfast! But this time.. Baked Apple Oatmeal. Got the recipe from Kath’s blog for Banana Baked Oatmeal but changed it up a little according to the ingredients we had since we are in dire need to grocery shop… 

Layered apple slices on the bottom of the baking pan as well as to the top of the oatmeal instead of bananas. I also added some cinnamon to the batter (I add extra cinnamon to everything) and drizzled honey instead of brown sugar for the last few minutes of broiling.

My portion that I ate along with a spoonful of crunchy natural pb & some homemade applesauce (basically just pureed apple chunks with a little bit of water). MmMm I love my oatmeal in any form!

Needed to finish off the rest of the nf plain yogurt container so made a Strawnana smoothie. Cinnamon definitely makes the taste of this!

Ran a few errands before heading home for lunch then off to work! The bf bought his rollerblades today so hopefully if the weather is nice, we’re going around the Sea Wall again tomorrow. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Vancouver for how long and never thought to do the Sea Wall?! It really is definite must-do for anyone that comes to this city. It’s an awesome workout as well.

Back home I stared at the empty fridge for a bit to think of what I was going make with the leftovers and came up with a quick Asian broccoli stirfry. Sauteed broccoli, a few spare ribs, and chopped green onion with mushroom soy sauce and water. Then topped it all off with a couple of chopped almonds! It turned out pretty good but would’ve been better in my opinion if we had some fresh ginger.. 😦

If I was hungrier, I would’ve ate this with brown/wild rice or some vermicelli rice noodles but my baked oatmeal breakfast really held me over for a while!

Needed dessert so I had a bit of the leftover baked oatmeal topped off with some nf plain yogurt, raisins, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey. I had to take the picture on the windowsill since it got better lighting (HI random woman in the back!) 

I also just realized that my gross looking nails always seem to show up in the pictures! So I did them the other day, not the BEST paint job in the world but at least it bears everyone from having to look at my half-chipped-off-lazy nails! It’s a really cute shade of pink called “Blushed” by Revlon. I found it on sale for $5 when we originally were stopping for milk at one in the morning….

Another random buy are these sunglasses that I got for $7! They’re really similar to the vintage ones I had my eye on, but for a poor college student that’s going to end up breaking/losing them anyways.. this was a deal to me!

Came home from work to seriously MOUNTAINS of little boxes filled with leftover Chinese food since the bf’s parents went to go eat out for lunch. I’m not really crazy about Chinese food since it always tends to be on the greasy side, so I just had a small portion of what seemed to be some of the more healthy choices. Stir fry chicken&broccoli with veggie fried rice.

Aaaand not to brag or anything.. but I think my stir-fry was much tastier (& less greasy!) than this 😉

The bf’s cousins from out of town are heading back tomorrow morning, so we decided that we were going to go to the beach by the University of BC (which also happens to be a nudist!! beach) to have a bonfire. Well, that plan failed since the beach was closed “after hours”. Instead we went to this really cute 24 hour coffee house in Kitsilano which totally had a hippie/vintage feel. I loved it! They had paninis, homemade rustic sandwiches/desserts ugh everything looked so good! But the bf and I just ended up sharing a small bowl of Maple Walnut Gelato which was reallyyyyy good. But me, I’m a sucker for gelato anytime 😉




8 responses

21 05 2008

Baked Apple oatmeal?? Broccoli stir-fry?? Maple-Walnut gelato?? Did you save any leftovers?? Haha ;0)

21 05 2008

Mmm your apple baked oatmeal looks really tasty, I might have to try baked oatmeal with apple next time! Good idea having it as a dessert topped with yogurt too, yum!
Now that you’ve mentioned it, I really feel like going rollerblading. If only I actually owned rollerblades…

21 05 2008

hi..just stumbled on your blog…are you by chance from CEbu???

21 05 2008

VG – Too bad there’s never any leftovers when I cook 😦 the bf’s family INHALES everything, I swear! hahaha

Kristie – I REALLY wanted to go rollerblading today too but the weather here in Vancouver is pretty sucky right now 😦

Haydee – Cebu, Philippines? I’m Filipino but my family is from Manila so sadly no:( I wish though! It’s absolutely gorgeous there!

21 05 2008
Kelly T.

ha, you should see my nails. its looks like i clawed my way out of a wooden box.

My boyfriend is Filipino too. He was born in Guam.

yay cheap sunglasses! I got those ones from my weekend picture for $4.80 from forever21.

Oh forever21, i love you.

22 05 2008

aww..anyways we both are still kababayans=)…you just look so familiar, you look like one of my schoolmates when i was in highschool…

22 05 2008

1) Glad you liked the baked oatmeal!

2) You have great photos!! I love the one of the bowl with chopsticks

3) Maple-Walnut Gelato!??! YUM!

23 05 2008

Kelly – your sunglasses are so cute. Cheapies are the way to go since they’re going to end up being stepped on anyways right? And I WISH we had a forever21 down here, the closest one is in Seattle so I always have to drive down to get my f21 fix 😦

Haydee – I actually WAS supposed to go to high school in the Philippines, Marynoll I think it’s called? or somewhere along the lines of that. My mom and I thought about it for a while but I don’t think I would’ve even be able to survive the burning weather haha

Kath – baked oatmeal is our breakfast staple now! I’m crazy about oatmeal in any way but that’s def the winner at our house. & the maple walnut gelato was sooo good, I wish they sold it in buckets! But again, that SO wouldn’t be safe to keep around me hahaha

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