19 05 2008

My oatmeal w/ flax, raisins & banana to wake me up from my 12 hour sleep 🙂

Had a spoonful of leftover chocolate mousse from the anniversary dinner last night, but my lips started to get HUGE from the allergic reaction I got from eating it. So no more mousse for me =/… Instead, quickly made a chicken lettuce ww wrap using 1/2 a flatbread, chicken deli slice, 2 large lettuce leaves, dijon honey mustard & some paprika (my favorite new spice, makes everything taste better I swear!)

Originally planned to go for a jog outside since it was such a hot day again. But the bf got off early from work so we decided to head downtown to go rollerblading/biking on the SeaWall which is basically a trail that goes all around the different beaches.

My pre-biking fuel was a small piece from the bf’s Cliff bar

Diva dog and I on the way there.. (didn’t even last a quarter of the way there! So we had to leave her in the car for the rest of the time. Yes that is a true diva over here..)

And this was Cissi passed out on the sidewalk after 10 minutes of jogging.. I got a lot of “That dog looks DEAD!”  So we had to leave the princess in the car while we finished the wall. Yeah she was HAPPY about that!

Since when are birds NOT scared of people anymore?! This seagull came up right beside me begging for food and was acting exactly like a dog! So I gave her some of the rice from my sushi despite my fear of birds. Yes, I have a fear of birds because you never know what they’re thinking!

My okay California rolls from the Granville market. Everything else was closed and these were only 2 for $5 so I head to settle!

Then headed to downtown for the night to window shop and get some bubbletea (again!). Here’s my Mango Green Tea Slush with Cocnut Jelly!


TONS of biking and walking today.. LOVED IT! Tomorrow, last day of the long weekend so gonna try and make it a productive one by starting my day off early!




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