18 05 2008

After having my usual bowl of oatmeal.. headed downtown to Yoga Wear Warehouse Sale! Got a TON for just $75.. (2 sports bras, shorts, 2 bamboo longsleeve tops, headband, pants). So worth the trip!

Had to jog a couple blocks up and down the street since I only had my debit card on me (as always) and of course they accepted cash only =/ So that counts as some exercise to me..

 Had a Cliff bar on the loooong way back home. The chocolate chip flavor is still my favorite though 😉

Had a quick lunch before going to work. Whole wheat “quesedilla” of chicken, lettuce, tomato sauce & nf plain yogurt. With my baked apple w/ half vanilla yogurt. Also had a handful of raisins before I left too since I knew I’d get hungry later on.

Dinner at bf’s aunt’s house was 1/2 grilled porkchop, corn&peas, butterscotch/chocolate pudding w/ ice cream




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