Start of my (semi) long weekend.. FRIDAY!

18 05 2008

Can never start my day off without a bowl of oatmeal! Had this before heading to the house to pack up some stuff for the weekend then off to the gym to fit in a t i r i n g workout before going to work.

Ended up having my lunch at the rec after I finished my workout. Only ate my chicken quesadilla though.

Packed some apples and half a vanilla yogurt to make baked apples at work. OoOo yeah people were jealous of my apples 😉

Lunch altogether. Had the asian pear as second snack at work but never ended up wanting the orange slices..

I was pretty hungry when I got back home, so shared half of this pb&b&flax multigrain bagel with the bf. I could LITERALLY eat pb&b everyday for the rest of my life!

Then shared half of this Cliff bar while heading to the H&M where I got a simple white tank (which I want to return now, HA!)

Now for the unpictured..

– Manila mango

– Sips of bf’s Tim Horton’s Iced Capp

Then headed to downtown with the out-of-town cousins for some Taro bubbletea + a good 2 hour long walk around the city!

& here’s all of us waiting for our (Midnight!) bubbletea… with me on the very left 🙂




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